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Racing News for MBA Racing - How we did at the Races and other events:

Off Season - What MBA Racing is up to ???                                                   

10/28/09 New sic air brushed paint jobs on Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and “Cupcake” Apryl's helmets for the 2010 upcoming season.  Pictures don't do these justice.  The work is beautiful n these.  Come and see them in the pits next year. Doug Reed from www.reedsautobody.com did the work on these.  He is one talented guy.  You can see much more of his work at the races as many of the Pro Mod cars are also his handy work. Take some time to look at them, the longer you look the more you see. 

"Cupcake" Apryl's

"Hot Wheels" Mike's

check out in the skull's forehead the FUEL Energy Beverage Logo ghosted - thats COOL

10/10/09 We went to Vintners Winery and made some custom wine MMMM.  Had a blast. Highly recommend doing this.  The folks there are fantastic, wine is wonderful and GR-RRReat fun.  www.vintnerscellarcustomwinery.com

The outcome of our hardwork of which sponsors, friends and others reap the rewards :)

Governors Cup  Sacramento Raceway  09/19/09 – 09/20/09
West Coast Pro Gas #6

Last race of the season, adrenaline pumping, spirits high.  We had friends arrive in MBA Racing shirts they had made that were very cool! Jan, Jeff, Margaret and Brian you guys ROCKED!!!  One of our pit crew saw them before he met them and said he knows how Ron Capps feels when he see people wearing shirts with his name on them.  LOL

We were working trying to get the Fire Chicken and some new tires to like each other.  Took till qualifying run #2 till the magic worked and then she ran like a bandit, they found their happy spot.  We had a full house of Pit Crew, including extra hands with some guys from Wyotech, Nick, Jerrod and Lyn.  Gramma and Grandpa came down for the race as well. Our Pit Crew BBQ Chief came for the weekend and what a treat for the Team.  He is the master on the BBQ and makes “Mean Barbara Jean” not worry about food for the Team.  She just puts it out and he takes it from there.

Down to racing….. cars are tuned and ready to go, drivers set….. now the huge delays due to all the oil downs from the front engine dragsters, nostalgia funny cars and pro mods…… 3.5 hours later first round of eliminations are called.  Uncharacteristically MBA Racings drivers all went out first round, this has not happened all season.

As a Team we had a FANTASTIC season.  “Mean Barbara Jean” popped the pink champagne and toasted w/the entire Team and Fan Club.  To a great season, safe season, great friends who made up our Pit Crew that took out all their time to help us, the cars are in one piece (thank goodness) so are the drivers and our family, friends who support us!

Points are in and the results are……drum roll…….
B-Gas, Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston comes in third place – GR-RRReat job. 
D-Gas, “Cupcake”s Apryl comes in third place – outstanding job.
D-Gas, “Mean Barbara Jean” Barbara comes in fifth place – good job.
Considering this is the Team’s first year running Pro Gas and they place very high GREAT JOB!!!  Looking forward to next year and doing even better.

Apryl having a good time in her car before a run down the track.

Apryl with our new banner our friends had made for us, pretty cool isn't it!

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston round one, “Mean Barbara Jean” had enough time to run up to watch him, yes I left my Fire Chicken in the staging lanes but I put crewman Mike in charge and he had to move it up and as the lanes moved forward.  I don't think he was put out.......  I don't let very many people get into the Fire Chicken but it was important to watch "Hot Wheels"

Our friends who really did it up for this race with the cool shirts, including one for Goldie Girl.

"Mean Barbara Jean" and her Fire Chicken showing what they can do from the tree.  Apparently some of the photographers thought it was a "photo moment"..... kinda cool.

PINKS ALL OUT at Famoso Raceway    Famoso, CA 09/12/09   

Sweltering temperatures of 110 degrees and track temp of 150 degrees (beginning to think this is a pattern) yet could not think of a place we would rather be than the drag strip!   “Mean Barbara Jean” got to utilize track time to burn in and test new radial tires from Phoenix.  By timed trials Saturday morning the lil Fire Chicken and new tires had found their rhythm.  They made a very sweet pass, felt smooth from the burn out, tree and thru the shifts.  Ran the Fire Chicken with her top down for PINKS All Out just for something different.  It was fun, worked on the suntan.  Kat was Pit Crew for her and we had a blast.  ”Cupcake” Apryl and Sugar-Rush did well adjusting to the heat and humidity we had.  The girls were lined up for a couple runs side by side on Friday with the cameras rolling, that was cool.  Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston got selected for the Quick 8 and our MBA Team went crazy.  Watch PINKS All Out on Thanksgiving to see the Quick 8 race.  MBA Racing did go home with smiles on our faces as it is all about racing and having fun (and no parts broken, thank goodness as we have championship races this coming weekend).  Thanks to our pit crew who traveled with us for just food, fun and FUEL Energy Beverage!!  MBA Pit Crew ROCKS!!!            

"Cupcake" Apryl and Sugar Rush getting warmed up at PINKS All Out     

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and his crew guy Keith at PINKS All Out

“Mean Barbara Jean” and her lil Fire Chicken working on their suntan at PINKS All Out

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston being interviewed before just after being picked for the Quick 8 at PINKS All Out

“Cupcake” Apryl and “Mean Barbara Jean” cooling down between runs at PINKS All Out.  Hey they have the same smile...

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston ready to go for the Quick 8 at PINKS All Out.  Check out the new FUEL helmet.

Interesting reading in the below article in National Dragster Magazine:

August 21, 2009 Volume 50 Issue 31
Page 40
Burbage, Stoupe among winners at Night of Fire
Sacramento Raceway, Sacramento, Ca (06/27/09)  Triple-digit temperatures had little effect on performance during the 33rd annual Nitro Night of Fire, where fans witnessed near track record e.t.s. in Pro Mod.  (skip to the section on MBA Racing)
A close B/Gas final went to Kenny Moorehead and his Mopar-powered ’41 Willys over Mike Winston’s ’67 GTO.  A better reaction and better e.t gave Moorehead the .014-second victory. 
The Winston family got the win in D/Gas (10.60 index) as Barbara Winston drove her ’69 Firebird to a right-on 10.607 against George Dias ’66 Chevelle. 

Fox Hunt Sacramento Raceway, CA  08/14/09 - 08/15/09  West Coast Pro Gas Race  #5

We had a howling good time at Fox Hunt.  Friday morning starting off with the news crew from Fox 40 and Bethany Crouch, early in the morning.  “Cupcake” Apryl and “Mean Barbara Jean” got to lay down some mean ole burnouts with the news Team filming.

Saturday morning we were back at having morning fun with the news crew from CW31 and Melissa Cabral.  This was a blast as she got up on the k-wall by the staging tree and arm dropped “Cupcake” Apryl and “Mean Barbara Jean” for a run down the track.  This was a blast for all at the track.  CW31 News Station Melissa Cabral TV spot for MBA Racing from the Fox Hunt Drag Race at Sacramento Raceway 08/15/09 “Mother Daughter Drag Race Duo”.

“Cupcake” Apryl did a spectacular job racing today.  She handled her car like a pro and took Sugar-Rush to the winners spot, FINAL round all the way for this girl.  She fought for each round and was the winner after each.  Big ole smile on lil Missy’s face all day long.  We are waiting to see the final points but, this may have put her up to #1.  And the results are in......Apryl is #1 in points for D Gas, way to go “Cupcake”!

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston did the same in Lowded 67.  Down to the final round after just hearing that his baby girl won her round, now was time to get his mind into his final round.  Just as he is pulling up to the water box the stager holds up one finger.  This means solo run, “Mean Barbara Jean” signals down to Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston, and she can see his expression, his opponent broke.  Even Lowded 67 is ready to put on a lil extra show for the grandstanded, here comes the burn out past the staging tree…….   Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston cuts a .013 light and runs a 8.606 on a 8.60 index, that would have been tough to beat period is what the announcer is talking about.   Word when we got back to our pits was the air was still when the announcer said solo run for B-Gas.  Brian from our Pit Crew was in the face of the track employee's face on the turn out road as to who was in the water box ......... was it MBA Racing or his opponent?????  NEED TO KNOW!!!!!  When the word came back as Winston, Brian went crazy and so did the spectators standing down at that end of the track.  I guess ole Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston has a few fans!  Points are in and Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston is #3 in points for B Gas, way to go!!!

Thanks to Nick, Jerrod, Evie and Ashlee from Wyotech who helped us as part of our Pit Crew this weekend, you were awesome!!!


“Cupcake” Apryl with Sugar-Rush after the FINAL WIN in D-Gas, go “Cupcake”!!!

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Lowded 67 after the Final win in B-Gas, feel the heat of the HOT Team....... we had a blast.  See our new Wyotech Pit Crew in the pics.

Interesting reading in the below article Sacramento Bee 08/14/09 article:

Raceway Park offers family fun  By Mark Billingsley
Special to The Bee   Published: Friday, Aug. 14, 2009 - 12:00 am After years of drunken debauchery, brawls and wet T-shirt contests, Sacramento Raceway Park cleaned up its annual Fox Hunt Drags and rebranded it as family entertainment.

It worked.

The 35th annual Fox Hunt Drags returns to the Excelsior Road strip Saturday with nine divisions, including the ever- popular jet cars.

Where fists once flew over slow beer lines, families will gather to watch race cars rip down the quarter-mile asphalt lanes. The wet T-shirt contest stage is gone, as are many of the kegs of beer that once flowed as freely as the expletives that would have made Lenny Bruce cringe.

"In the 1980s, especially, this was a crazy event for us," said Tony Trimp,  Sacramento Raceway Park track manager for 13 years. "We really started to change things about 10 years ago or so when everybody started to become more aware of the alcohol limits. Where we had 30 kegs of beer (at one sales location), we're down to about five."

Trimp said women still get in free Saturday, though.

In another departure from Fox Hunts of the past, there will be numerous women competing on the track. Pro-Stock motorcycle racer Katie Sullivan is coming off a career-best 7.093 elapsed time at 187 mph at the NHRA FRAM Autolite Nationals at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma last month.

Also racing is El Dorado Hills resident Makinna Clevenger and Orangevale's mother-daughter team of Barbara and Apryl Winston. Clevenger is 16 and recently earned her NHRA driver's license. She'll compete in a Top Eliminator rear-engine dragster capable of traveling more than 200 mph, but the NHRA has put a speed limit on drivers younger than 18 posting a sub-7.50 ET, or approximately 190 mph.

The Winstons compete in the West Coast Pro Gas division, Barbara in a 1969 Firebird and Apryl in a 1977 Trans Am. Barbara's husband, Mike, also races in the division onboard a 1967 Pontiac GTO. The family's motto is "the family that drag races together stays together."

The Madera-based jet dragster "The Beast" returns for the Fox Hunt. Trimp said the jet car continues to be a popular attraction, and he's set up a grudge match between The Beast and a Funny Car aptly named Nitro Fever. More popular will be the "burndown" scheduled for 9:45 p.m. just outside the track. That's where a vehicle will be towed and placed behind The Beast and driver Jeff Atamian will kick the afterburner and create a massive torch, reducing the vehicle to molten metal.

Trimp said he expects between 150 to 200 cars – the maximum car count for his track.

Only the pit-side grandstands are open to the public, making the event much smaller than in its wildest years.

"It's gotten a lot smaller on purpose," Trimp said of the Fox Hunt. "But it's also gotten a lot better for spectators."

Interesting reading in the below article from the Grapevine Intervention Newspaper out of Rancho Cordova 08/07/09  :

Sacramento Raceway showcases real women in drag 
Apryl Winston (left) and her mother, Barbara, are two of the featured drivers that will compete in the women-only Fox Hunt drag races next weekend at the Sacramento Raceway in Rancho Cordova.

Photo by Shelly Lembke By SHELLY LEMBKE, Staff Writer - We’ve all heard the jokes about “women drivers,” but the women drivers in Winston family are no joke. The local mother-daughter drag racing duo is headlining Sacramento Raceway’s 35th Annual Fox Hunt Drags on Aug 15.
Barbara and her daughter, 22 year-old Apryl Winston, are two-thirds of the Orangevale-based MBA Racing. Husband/father Mike Winston is the third and a serious competitive racer in his own right. They are clear about this being a family sport, with their motto emblazoned on the rig that hauls their cars to races, “The Family That Drag Races Together Stays Together.”
The Winston women are the only women competing in the D Gas series. They are part of the West Coast Pro Gas Association and also the NHRA Nostalgia series. Between them they hold three semi-finals and a final win.
Barbara’s car is a salvaged 1969 Firebird convertible that was rescued on its way to the junkyard. Apryl currently drives a 1977 Trans Am. Both cars are outfitted with racing engines built by Mike Blackstone. All painting, fabricating and retrofitting of the cars for racing is done by the family and MBA crew.
Even with two brothers, Barbara says she always loved cars more than they did. She met Mike 25 years ago over a 1965 GTO with a drive train issue and the two have been together ever since. When daughter Apryl was born, cars and racing just came naturally to her. “I was a body shop baby,” she said with a smile.
Apryl’s driver’s license seems to have been a catalyst for the women to enter into the world of drag race driving. “We told her, don’t drive stupid on the street, because if you do, we’re going to introduce you to the bus and the bicycle,” said Barbara. When Apryl wanted to go faster, the racetrack was just the ticket. After Apryl started racing, Barbara’s 40th birthday present was enrollment into drag racing school, and she hasn’t looked back.
Highly competitive, the Winstons have had to compete against each other. Apryl said, “If I didn’t lose traction off the line, she would have seen dark.” Barbara was a little more philosophical. “I closed my eyes [for a second],” figuring if she had to lose to some one, her daughter wouldn’t be so bad.
They hope to see a good crowd at the Sacramento Raceway for the Fox Hunt Drags, especially with free admission for women. They know the economy is tough. “We’ve seen the difference this year in spectators,” said Barbara. The Winstons are happy to answer questions and meet fans of all ages.
For more information visit their website at www.mba-racing.com. For the Sac Raceway, visit www.sacramentoraceway.com or 366-2653

Infineon Raceway, Ca   07/18/09    West Coast Pro Gas Race #4  

First the not so good news.... Lowded 67 and the Fire Chicken had mechanical difficulties that took Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and “Mean Barbara Jean” out on the first round of eliminations..... boo hoo.  But those are being corrected before the next race :)

Onto the extremely good news as “Cupcake” and Sugar-Rush more than held up the MBA Racing flag for the Team.  “Cupcake” was #1 qualifier in D-Gas (yes again) you go Missy!!!  She and Sugar-Rush went rounds thru the semi-finals.  Way to go! 

MBA Racing nicely lined up and ready to go