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Events and promotions we have participated in to support our sponsors and or dracing racing:

PromoGraffiti Night for Cappuccino Car Cruisers 08/17/13 in downtown old Folsom.  We were joined by some of our great drag racing buddies Jason Evans, his fiancée Angie, Chris, their fantastic D/Gas Henry J.  Husband and wife Jason and Annette Bauer and their screaming fast dragster.  Thank you guys for taking the time to share your COOL rides and spending time talking with all the folks who I know were thrilled to see these Drag Vehicles.  Many smiles from the kids that sat in some of them.  You guys ROCK!!!!!!  Even as we melted in the heat.  Special shout out to Ray and Chris from Cappuccino Cruisers who invite us back for this event and the wonderful work they do for a fantastic cause!

The gangs rides all hanging out

Our friends COOL rides

My Valentine hanging out by the fence.  I think she was watching the Blacksmith doing old school.

I will say our set up worked out pretty darn cool.  Maybe we will get t next year.

The trophy MBA was presented as a pick by Sutter Club as their choice from the show. Can we say we were blown away!

Promo – Casa Roble High School 03/16/13
We quietly pulled into the parking lot early in the morning and pushed the cars out, careful to not wake up the neighborhood.  Watching all the beautiful variety of cars, trucks, motorcycles and one big rig pulling in.  The place filled up almost faster than “I Dream Of Jeannie” could of blinked her eyes.  The gals and guys of the Auto Shop Class put on one well ran event, especially when you consider this was their first Car Show!  Look forward to your next one.

The ever cool Auto Shop Teacher in Sugar-Rush

One of the students in Lowded 67

One of the students in Fire Chicken

A GR-RRReat pic someone got of our parking spot

Mean Barbara Jean got busted taking a pic

12/07/12 Casa Roble High School We were invited to attend the schools Auto Shop Class.  Can I say what a GR-RRReat experience it was for Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Mean Barbara Jean.  We were privileged to work with two of the classes and do hands on with the guys and girls!  We took Lowded 67 and the Fire Chicken to the school to share with the class the differences/common between the cars and turn up some horsepower on campus.  We hope the class enjoyed the day as much as we did.  It was fun to share the importance of the bond of automotive and math with the classes. What a superb group of young minds and a fabulous Teacher!

09/08/12 Folsom Prision Car Show What a great day at the Prision.  Such that I was so busy I forgot to take pictures.  Great show, great cars, great event.

04/15/12 Petaluma Jubilee Car Show With the "Insurance Crew Chief Jared Soukup".  We took two of our racecars out for this event to add with all the beautiful old cars, trucks and motorcycles.  A very well organized event!

Lowded 67 supporting our "Insurance Crew Chief Jared Soukup".

The "Insurance Crew Chief Jared Soukup".

Fire Chicken supporting our "Insurance Crew Chief Jared Soukup".

05/07/11 WyoTech Car Show at their campus in Sacramento  These folks sure know how to put on a car/truck show.  Organized along with some great smelling BBQ.  Hot Wheels had a bumpy ride getting there, got a flat on one of the trailer tire.  Fortunately some nice guys hand signaled him going down the freeway.  Not much fun to change a flat on a stacker trailer.  One tire destroyed...... at least no trailer damage, thanks to those nice guys.  Had several of our fellow racers parked with us at the show.  That makes it great for the spectators as they have cars to compare to each other.  

Hot Wheels Mike and Lowded 67 won "Best Drag Car" at the show.  Below they are picture with Chris, one of the MBA Crew.

One really cool trophy the Wyotech folks made

The members from West Coast Pro Gas who came to the Wyotech Car Show

08/28/10 Graffiti Night for Cappuccino Car Cruisers  in downtown old Folsom.  We were joined by one of our fellow West Coast Pro Gas Racers Kurt who brought his A-Gas car.  Was cool to have four of the club's classes present to show the spectators talk about the differences in the indexes and cars.

To end the evening ..... the MBA Racing 1969 Fire Chicken won runner up in Pro Street/ 1/4 Mile Drag class.

05/22/10 FUEL Energy Beverage Free FUEL  So who would have thought of the idea of filling the bed of a dually pickup with ice and using it as a portable ice chest????  Our boys!  Early this morning we filled it up with lots and lots of ice then headed out to meet the FUEL boys.

The bed of ice for all the FUEL Energy Beverage to be added to. 

Now appropriately loaded with FUEL Energy Beverage to make a lot of people happy on there way to the race. :)

The boys definetly had a GR-RRReat idea with the ice in the bed of the truck, way to go!!!

05/08/10 WyoTech Car Show at their campus in Sacramento  Beautiful weather with lots of hot cars and trucks, nice way to spend the day.  We were able to park with some of our buddies from West Coast Pro Gas, thanks guys :)     Several of the WyoTech gentlemen who pit crewed with us at the last race came over and hung out with us.  We had the chance to also see their rides.  I have nick names for them that they may not be aware of but I have to have a way to remember people.  Crawler Chris had his awesome 4 X 4 onsite, some serious work on his ride of which he did, that is a clean truck that can do some hardcore wheeling.  Colorado Chris also known as Mile High Mopar had his Super Street truck, very clean, pumped up truck that will be out at the drag strip most likely at the end of this month.  Mr. Boise I did see you slide out in your El Camino, was that a 65?  AJ - my hat is off to you, GR-RRReat job the school did and I know it takes allot of work behind the scenes to do pull this off of which you were a very large part of.

MBA Racing was honored to receive the  "Best Drag Car" award for our 1969 Firebird or as we call her the Fire Chicken.  Thank you WyoTech.

West Coast Pro Gas Gang parked together at the MBA Racing rig

Very cool trophy that WyoTech made and awarded to MBA Racing for "Best Drag Car" of the show.

04/17/10 Promotion for Funny Car Fever Drag Race at Riebes in Auburn with our Sponsor FUEL Energy Beverage  Weather was beautiful!  We took all three MBA Racing cars out for the day.  We were honored and spoiled to have our sponsor FUEL Energy Beverage join us for the day.  As well had the pleasure of Lisa and Lee Paul parking their Code Red Funny Car with MBA Racing and FUEL Energy Beverage. 

Sugar-Rush and Code Red.

That FUEL Energy Gear sure looks nice on Sugar-Rush

The FUEL Energy Beverage booth which provided lots of ice cold FUEL to the folks who came by the promotion.

Lowded 67, Fire Chicken and the FUEL truck.

Adorable little girl who the Fire Chicken got the pleasure to have her picture taken with.  You made my car very happy :)

Handsome young man who the Fire Chicken also got to have her picture taken with.  It was a lucky photo day.  My car was blushing from quite the photo moments!

01/25/10 Drag Racing Online Article   Lowded 67 featured online for New Cars for 2010.

The NHRA Heritage Series was going to revive Pro Gas index racing but seems to be just cost people an arm and a leg for extensive traveling. Northern Californian West Coast Pro Gas is growing like a weed in the flower garden and we will be running three cars all year with them. 

Mike Winston of MBA Racing in Northern California. Full fiberglass 67 GTO racing in B/Gas (8.60) in the West Coast Pro Gas association. Big Block Chevy 565 built by Watson Racing & Engineering by Mike Blackstone. The entire race car was built in house at MBA Racing to join his wife Barbara racing a 69 Firebird  convertible in D/Gas and daughter Apryl racing her 77 Trans Am in C/Gas.  http://www.dragracingonline.com/features/2010/xii_1-newcars2-3.html

12/18/09 Wyotech Technical Institute's Graduation Ceremony at the Sacramento Convention Center.  "Hot Wheels Winston" Mike was asked to be a guest speaker at the ceremony.  Mike did MBA Racing proud :)   As we watched the graduating class walk up and collect their diplomas we were quite thrilled to know one of the  students who pit crewed for us this season.  Looking forward to future graduations for the other students who have crewed with our MBA Racing Team.  Way to go Wyotech!

We were requested to be a "Special Feature" at the Graffiti Night Car Show for the Cappuccino Car Cruisers Car Show 08/29/09.  Reached out and drafted some of our great and mighty peers from West Coast Pro Gas to come with us so it would be a West Coast Pro Gas Team Event.  Had a great time in the melting heat LOL.  Thanks buddies for coming with us!

Promotion for Nitro Nite of Fire, Cappuccino Car Cruisers Car Show at Red Robin - Folsom, CA 06/24/09

Promotion for Nitro Nite of Fire at Tognottis - Sacramento, CA 06/20/09

Promotion for FUEL Energy Beverage and Nitro Nite of Fire at L&M Liquor - Orangevale, CA 06/13/09

Wyotech School - Sacramento, CA 05/16/09     We took all three cars and joined some of the West Coast Pro Gas Club Cars to represent the club at the schools Car Show.  Our club won the award for Best Club.

Very cool award that the students at Wyotech made.  This is what our club won.

Promotion for Funny Car Fever Race at Tognottis - Sacramento, CA 04/18/09

MBA Racing had the great pleasure of being involved and in the fantastic movie "Car Stories".  It is a story about different people and their love for cars.  We fit right in there. :)  June Bug Films made this wonderful documentary.  They won many awards for the movie.  We had the pleasure of being invited to attend the premiere of the movie.  We also were able to attend a few other film festivals.  Kari Nevil the producer is a extremely talented individual and a jewel to work with.  We had a BLAST!   More information at the attached link and a trailer of the movie.  If you are interested in seeing the movie let us know as we can loan you a copy.   http://www.junebugfilms.com/ourwork/documentary.html

Apryl and Kari at the movie premiere after party, wahoo we had fun

"Mean Barbara Jean" and her Fire Chicken.  Many of the cars from the movie were on display in San Jose, CA for the movie premiere.

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston autographing Car Stories movie posters..

We had the great pleasure of meeting Ronnie Montrose.  He wrote and did the most of the music for the movie.  He autographed a guitar for MBA Racing.  What a treat for us.  “Mean Barbara Jean” has been a fan of Montrose since she was a teenager.  She also brought one of her vinyl Montrose records along and he autographed that too.  Still tickled about that.