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Nitro Nite of Fire - Sacramento Raceway, CA  06/26/09 - 06/27/09                       West Coast Pro Gas Race #3

First we had the great pleasure to work with Lisa and Lee Paul Jennings at 619 Promotions and FUEL Energy Beverage in helping to promote the race.  We had a great time doing promos at various functions, Car Show, Car Parts Store/Speed Shop and Liquor Store.  Most enjoyable was Mike’s half track burn out at the race track with Channel 3 News including their helicopter filming.  We are still teasing him, calling him Mr. Hollywood.  This was a fabulous event, well organized, a superbly prepped track and great racers to run against.  There were FUEL Energy Beverage shirts everywhere.  Started out in the morning with the track staff and as the day progressed more and more fans purchased FUEL Energy Beverage shirts.  We are looking forward to Lisa’s events next year!

Check out the videos from Channel 3 News that Lowded 67 and Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston were in, they turned out pretty cool......   http://www.kcra.com/video/19872541/


Although track temperatures reached 145 degrees, yes stinking HOT, our Pit Crew was sharp and spirits high!!!!  For MBA Racing it proved to be a rewarding race for us.  We had our large Pit Crew including a BBQ Chef MMMM

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston in Lowded 67 was cheered on by the FUEL Fans, all the way to the B-Gas Finals.  Where sad to say he lost by .014 of a second.

Apryl “Cupcake” Winston in Sugar-Rush whooped her Mom and stole away the #1 qualifier position from “Mean Barbara Jean” and her Fire Chicken.  The announcer had quite a bit of fun with this per our pit crew.  Something about a daughter should not do this to her Mom.  I think why not, it’s racing!    

The MBA girls went rounds, to then for the first time in their racing careers, face each other in eliminations, in the Semi Finals.  A hug and a kiss, we put on our jackets and got in our cars.  Helmets on, geared up, ready to pull up to do our burn outs, we each looked over to the other, put a hand up and blew kisses to the other from the front of ours helmets.  Time for business now, race face on.  We pull up to the water box, push the line lock button, ram the gas pedal and smoke them tires, mmm love those burn outs, throw the car in neutral and have a lil revving war to give the crowd a lil something as Mother and Daughter in matching painted cars, facing each other in the Semi Finals is not something you see very often……. take a deep cleansing breath, put her in first gear, roll up to pre-stage, see flashes going like crazy from the grandstands (normally would block this out but dang there are a lot going off, kinda cool, bet “Cupcake” is smiling) “Cupcake” is prestaged, “Cupcake” is now staged, now I’m staged, hit the transbrake button and ram the gas pedal, ON goes the tree, OFF goes my finger from the transbrake  button and away go us girls, half track now, looking to my right at “Cupcake”, we are side by side, this is a good race, not going to know till the stripe who is going to get this one, here comes the stripe, win light in which lane………………………………………....................................
“Mean Barbara Jean”’s lane.  Wow……that is good and sad.........head to the trailer and give “Cupcake” a hug.  Get Fire Chicken ready for next round, which will be quick.

“Mean Barbara Jean” gets lane choice for the Finals, the entire MBA Team is up in the staging lanes, this feels so cooooool to have us all there, pull up and stage, he goes red, wow, I see that and take a quick partial second to relish the moment then release the transbrake and run lil Fire Chicken, make a 10.607 pass on a 10.60 index, what more could I ask my car to do. The MBA TEAM is jumping up and down, screaming. What a fantastic day for all of us.  Great job TEAM!!!

MBA Racing takes home, First, Second and Third place.  We were a very pleased TEAM.  Thank you to all of the folks that helped us out.  The win puts “Mean Barbara Jean” as #1 in points for D Gas. 

Below is the flyer for the race.  We were not aware that Mike's car Lowded 67 was going to be on it.  He was pretty thrilled when we saw it.

Apryl "Cupcake" the #1 Qualifier in D-Gas

Mom and daughter giving good luck hugs before our Semi-Final race against each other.  Soon the race face will come on when the helmet is put on.

“Cupcake” and “Mean Barbara Jean” line up for the Semi-Final race, burn out complete, lil revving going on back n forth.

Time to head up for the Finals, have my cheerleader with me, time to kick some......

“Mean Barbara Jean” just back from the Finals, I thinks she is a lil happy :), just missed the photo opportunity when she got out and kissed her Fire Chicken

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and Crew, second place winner for B-Gas from the Finals.

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and his cool plaque for B-Gas.

"Mean Barbara Jean" and crew with her First place win for D-Gas from the Finals.

Infineon Raceway, CA  06/06/09    West Coast Pro Gas   Race #2

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Lowded 67 were looking pretty snazzy with the newly air brushed front end and rear end.  Lowded 67 is running consistently on target just like the other cars from the Winston stable.

“Cupcake” Apryl and Sugar-Rush enjoyed being back at their favorite track seeing many familiar faces of fellow racers.  It was nice to have the entire day there to catch up with people between qualifying and elimination rounds.

Qualifying runs were good for all three MBA Racing cars.  “Mean Barbara Jean” in the Fire Chicken was #1 qualifier in D-Gas.

“Mean Barbara Jean” and her Fire Chicken had a productive day.  After being #1 qualifier (thanks to a great car and awesome Crew Chief) they went to the semi-finals.  Nice way to finish the day off.

Funny Car Fever - Sacramento Raceway, CA  04/17/09 - 04/18/09   West Coast Pro Gas   Race #1

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston debuted Lowded 67 in her newly dressed FUEL Energy Beverage signage.  Lowded 67 made some friends this weekend.  Most memorable were two lil boys who waited for the FUEL driver to come back so he would autograph their t-shirts.  It was quite a thrill to have spectators in out pits with FUEL shirts on cheering on Lowded 67.  Lots of cheers were heard in the MBA pits as all three cars got wins lights in first round of eliminations.

Apryl “Cupcake” and Sugar-Rush were the winner of the MBA Racing Team.  they went several rounds of eliminations to the semi-finals.  She had the entire MBA Team in the staging lanes of her last round.  Way to go “Cupcake”!

“Mean Barbara Jean” and the Fire Chicken were one round short of behind laddered to run side by side with “Cupcake”.  She was looking forward to the competition.  Save that for another day but, in the final round would be much better.