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MBA Racing is dedicated to providing a positive family driven presence at Drag Race venues on the West Coast. The Winston Family, Mike, Barbara and Apryl (MBA) with a few supporting Team members have been able to make a strong impression in Bracket Racing in California, Nevada, and Idaho. In 2013 we will continue racing in  Pro-Gas in the A-Gas, B-Gas, C-Gas and D-Gas series along with NHRA Sportsman classes of Super Comp/Top Sportsman/Super Street, Street Car Super Nationals/SCSN, Pacific Street Car Association/PSCA and Bracket classes of Drag Racing.       

All of the members of MBA Racing were involved in building the cars.  From the fabrication of the roll cages, complete chassis, body and paint to maintenance on the drive trains.  Goldie the Team Spirit Golden Retriever trained her assistant Kimber well as the Team Spirit Leader.  Barbara and Apryl’s cars shine with multi colored pearl paint complimented with graphics designed and painted by Mike.  Goldie’s golf-cart is painted in the Team’s colors so, this is so the doggies know which is theirs when we stop to visit with one of our drag racing buddies.  Mike’s car was unveiled season 2011 with a beautiful new paint job to surprise his friends.  We lovingly call Mike’s car “low, mean and nasty, watch out here it comes”.  It definitely makes its presence known.       

While with Drag Racing one would think it is all about winning… MBA Racing takes the approach of building a network of friends at the various tracks.  It is important to have honor, integrity, and respect and help out your fellow racers/track personnel.  We take the time to talk to the spectators who come up and ask questions, especially the little kids as this is quite a thrill for them to come up and see the cars they just watched go down the track. 

A simple act of kindness can change a person’s disposition.  Sharing ice cold Otter Pops on a hot day at the track with the asphalt blistering on the soles of the feet of your crew while you are in your car sweating in your suit getting rid of the calories from the previous nights chocolate mousse you enjoyed so much…mmmmm..those Otter Pops sure do hit the spot.  When you see Apryl and Barbara with a white towel wrapped up they have hidden goodies of Otter Pops to share.

Please read more about our Cars and our Team on the links to the left.  We look forward to seeing you at the Track.

Check out our video at the below link.  We had a great time making it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVvOih-RiIU

If you would like to contact us we can be reached at the following email address, we look forward to hearing from you:  MBARacing@yahoo.com

Team B-Gas winner's pic from 2012

MBA Racing set up with all our toys out, getting ready for race day. :)

Night time hauling