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Infineon Raceway, CA  - 07/03/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #7

Summer has set in with the heat turned on at beautiful Infineon Raceway. Awesome BBQ with great people started off the event on the right foot.  Cupcake has new Hoosier shoes all the way around on Sugar-Rush.  Mean Barbara Jean is a “whose your honey (Hoosier) girl” and has decided to convert Cupcake.  I do know that Cupcake was looking forward to the first burnout, nothing like the first one on new tires.  If you are a fellow racer you know what we are talking about, if not here is the scoop, the first burnout on new tires is a lil longer, lil smokier and just a lil better.  Maybe it’s a girl thing, we love our burnouts.  It was a great event for our fella Team member Alden who took it all they way to the finals in D-Gas, way to go buddy.  We had a blast cheering him on. 

Sugar-Rush with her new Hoosier tires and being kissed with the late afternoon sun.  I look at this as angels looking over Cupcake's car.

Alden with his pic from the finals and the Team.  We were bouncing all over for rounds.  ERC you have to love this pic.

Nitro Nite of Fire - Sacramento Raceway, CA 06/25/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #6
WOW  The Team was on a adrenaline rush.  Where do I start, well how about with what I always say “racing isn’t easy, if it was everyone would be doing it!”  Mean Barbara Jean lost in eliminations to one of her favorite fellas she races with who cut a .001 light, kudos to Don, hard to beat that light.  Cupcake was on fire, she was tearing up the track, even when challenged with a rerun, she beat the other car, again, she is one class act, stayed focused and ripped it up.  Cupcake and Sugar-Rush all the way to the semi-finals in C-Gas, way to go Missy!  Ole Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Lowded were blazing thru eliminations.  Funny with the lack of computer generated ladders, cars being changed in the lanes on the ladder, therefore no one knew who they were running, he still took out the competition.  Note this is not how one expects or wants to race.  Ladders should be set up via qualifying, posted so everyone knows who is running against who. This did not stop the momentum and focus of the MBA Team.  You take the challenge, even if questionable, and blow it out the backdoor.   They took it all the way to the finals, a win for B-Gas.  Congrats to our Team, you work together to be the best!

Puppies tired after a day of playing social mascots for the Team

Cupcake sitting in the staging lanes waiting to go another round of eliminations, bring it on :)

Last but definetly not least the winner of B-Gas, Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and the Team.

Infineon Raceway, CA  - 05/29/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #5

The weekend of racing started out with rain Saturday afternoon and into the evening.  MBA Racing took this as nature’s way of cleaning the Pits and the Track for all the racers.  The rain stopped just in time to start the BBQ.  Dinner always tastes better at the track, don’t know why but it just does.  Sunday morning welcomes us all to sunshine.  Qualifying rounds completed with two cars in the top half of the field and the MBA Team is set for rounds of elimination.  As luck will do at times, part failure takes one of our cars out at the starting line,  a spectacular burnout then when pulling up to the tree the fuel pump fails, what a disappointment but, nothing we could have done to prevent, no forewarning.  The FireChicken was on a roll today, win light after win light, one race was so close margin of victory .0012, couple more win lights and the MBA Team had a final round win on the board.  I think you could safely say there were some bouncing crew members in the staging lanes.  Thanks MBA Team for all your combined efforts, it takes all of you to make it work!

Awesome picture of Sugar-Rush with her Crew Chief Chris pulling her up to the line and Mike C in the background.  Taken by Jeff Kindt.  Fantastic pic!!!

Kimber sitting at the table in the toter waiting for someone, anyone to bring her food.  I mean after all look how nice she is sitting there.

Another awesome picture by Jeff Kindt, this one of Lowded 67 doing a nasty burnout.

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston suited up and ready to go

Triple Mike conversation, Mike W, Mike M and Mike C.  Hey anyone know where Mike is LOL

Final round eliminations and the FireChicken is leaving the line. Think that Crew Chief Brian is a little bit into the moment.

Winners circle picture for the MBA Team as our D-Gas car wins today.  Go FireChicken

Nitro Nite of Fire- Sacramento Raceway, CA  05/13/11 – 05/14/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #4

What a weekend about wraps it up.  Talk about close racing, it doesn’t get much closer than what each of the drivers did at this event.  To change things up the track ran B-Gas first, Lowded 67 pulls up, does a beautiful burn out stages and they are off, side by side they pass our trailer, it is going to be close….. .006 is the margin of victory, not to our Team.  Call comes out for C-Gas and D-Gas, our girls jump in their rides and head out to the staging lanes.  C-Gas pulls up, Cupcake with one of her let me show ya how I smoke my tire burn-outs, kid makes her Mommy proud J.  She is a natural at driving, did her thing down track, margin of victory….. .006, not tour Team.  D-Gas to the burn-out box with The FireChicken for another round, it is going to come down to that wonderful stripe….. .007 margin of victory, not to our Team.  Well that is Drag Racing, what makes it challenging, yes frustrating and fun.

Crew Chiefs hard at work.  Got to LOVE our Team!

Teaching the new Team Mascot to wear ear muffs.  I think next time I need to bring some steak for this lil one.  Her Mommy's car is so loud :) but she wanted to stay where she could see Mommy in the car.  Oh Cupcake what shall we do....

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston could not stay hiding for too long under Lowded 67 before being found

NHRA Pacific National Open- Sacramento Raceway, CA  04/29/11 – 05/01/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #3

First NHRA race of the season.  Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Mean Barbara Jean decided to go out and play for a few days.  Running the cars in Super Comp and Super Street classes.  It was fun to slow the cars down to run in these classes.  Nothing like another challenge for our Crew Chiefs.  And they stick around with all the pain and torment we put them through LOL.  Had a great time racing, didn’t bring home the Wallys, maybe next time.

Crew Chief and driver discussion before round of elimination... goes kind of like this "whatcha doing Brian?"  HA HA

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and Lowded 67 waiting to rip it down the track

Chillin with a fellow racer.

Funny Car Fever- Sacramento Raceway, CA  04/15/11 – 04/16/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #2

Lowded 67 sure was a hit with it’s pretty new paint job.  Cupcake did her best qualifying well and getting adjusted back in the driver’s seat.  Mean Barbara Jean and The FireChicken made their way to the semifinals in one of the largest D-Gas classes we have ever had.  Way to go MBA Racing.  Smiles on all our Team’s faces.  Thanks to all our fans who stopped by to say hello.  We really love the little ones who come by.  Amazing how many people noticed our Team was minus our beloved Golden Girl <3  She will always be with us in spirit.

Infineon Raceway, CA  - 04/09/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #1

MBA shook the cobwebs out of two of our cars, Lowded 67 and The FireChicken.  Cupcake could not make this race as she was in a wedding.  Amazing how you can put away car perfectly tuned and bring them out of the box (trailer) next season and they are picky picky picky.  Our Crew Chiefs had some tuning challenges to work thru, quickly of which they championed.  Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston and Mean Barbara Jean put some points down going rounds to get the season off to a good start.  Great job TEAM!

Getting ready for racing

Loving our new helmets for the season.  Amazing how talented a person with paint can be.  Special thanks to Doug at Reed’s Auto Body for being the master of design with his talented art work on the new MBA Racing helmets.  Look him up for your specialty needs.         www.reedsautobody.com  

Kicking off the new season with our new batch of MBA Racing wine for 2011.  Thanks to Vintners Winery in Redding, CA were we look forward to going every year to make our wine.    Tell them MBA Racing sent you.  Make your own wine or buy already made wine and put your custom label on the bottles.