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End of the Season - How did we do? - MBA Racing ROCKED!!!   Our Team is the BEST!!!  Two of our cars placed in the top half of their respective classes in West Coast Pro Gas with one receiving 2nd place overall.  That makes multiple years of improvement reflected in not only the individual events but also the end of year results.  This is due to the hard work of our Team, many hours of research, time in the garage on the cars, quality parts, our family/friends who cheer us on and our sponsors who support us.  We thank each and every one of you. 

Our 2nd place overall trophy we are so very proud of for D-Gas.  Way to go Team!  The FireChicken is smiling proud.

Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston is busy building a new car for Mean Barbara Jean.  She might look a little on the bare side now but just you wait, she is a beauty to be.

Redding, CA  - 10/07/11 – 10/09/11 – West Coast Pro Gas Race #13 and Pro/Super Pro Race #14

We start on our road trip to Redding early Friday morning with most of our crew loaded in the toter including our beautiful mascots Kimber and Turismo.  Spirits are high as it is our last race weekend of the season.  We have never raced at Redding Drag Strip and are looking forward to the event.  Friends that have raced at the track have given us the “thumbs up” and one of our favorite guys Paul is prepping the track.  We pull in and start the process of unloading our Hot Wheels from the Transporter.  It’s funny but I relate our current cars and rig back to when I was a kid and would play with Hot Wheels and load them up on the Transporter and haul them away, dreaming that one day I would have cool rides to take places.  How fortunate to have my dreams come true.  I still make vrooomm vrooomm sounds in my car like I did with the toy cars, some things you never out grow, and yes those go along with the FireChicken sounds HA HA.  Day one qualifying went well for all three cars on the MBA Racing Team.  Sun rises to a beautiful Saturday morning.  Those no rain dances sure did work!  Qualify rounds completed and ladders have been defined.  Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston is on a smoking roll, round after round of win lights take him and Lowded 67 to the Finals paired up with yet another Mike.  Cupcake is running in D-Gas for this event so we are hoping that Mom and Daughter are not paired up early in the event for eliminations.  Round after round of win lights for the girls lead them to none other than a first…. Final round for Mom and Daughter……  All three Winstons in the Finals, way to go MBA Racing, the Team is on a roll.  Now how often does Dad, Mom and Daughter all end up in the Finals? D-Gas up to the lanes first, Cupcake gets lane choice and picks the left lane, burnouts and engine revving back n forth, funny with both cars growling at each other one would not guess there are two girls behind the wheels, laughing in their helmets, pre-stage, stage, ram the throttle, bring up the rpms and fingers off the trans-brake buttons in both cars when the amber bulb appears…… cars lurch forward ripping the tires from the ground, knowing there is no air moving inside the cars, there is serious competition on this track, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, a red light in one of the lanes, NO NO NO NO NO, it is not suppose to be like that, NO NO NO NO NO, oh well race is on anyway, cars are locked side by side, heads turning in both cars looking at each other, no change, they were tuned to tear it up all the way down the track, video to prove it…..  Mean Barbara Jean said it was the highlight of her racing to date to be in that race next to Cupcake.  The red light was a -.001 so so close, Cupcake and Sugar-Rush will get them next time, the challenge is on. The girls come down the return road just in time to jump out of their cars near the tower to watch Mike”Hot Wheels” Winston line up next to Mike “Moon Man” Mossi, it is like a instant replay of the girls run…… one green, one red….   What a heck of a day, the MBA Racing Team has grins plastered all over their faces.

B-Gas Runner-Up Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and the MBA Racing Team

Cupcake D-Gas Runner-Up and the MBA Racing Team.  Kimber is focused on the camera.

FireChicken D-Gas Winner and the MBA Racing Team

MBA Racing Team pic together for Winner and Runner-Up pics.  Good thing these are not scratch-n-sniff pics.

The rewards of our Team's hardwork for the weekend

You looking at me?

No I think you are looking at me

Sacramento, CA  - 09/16/11 – 09/17/11 – West Coast Pro Gas Race #12

We start out minus a driver, pit crew and crew chief to make for interesting juggling.  Cupcake and Mike C are off at a friend’s wedding and Crew Chief Chris is in New York.  Thus our C-Gas Team is gone for this event.  So what does our Team do…. let’s have Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston drive two cars.  He runs Lowded 67 and Sugar-Rush (in D-Gas), talk about keeping a guy busy.  Apparently it worked well for him as when he made a qualifying run in Lowded 67 they laid down a 8.604 to become #1 qualifier in B-Gas, way to go Team.  Jumping over into Sugar-Rush and getting the car tuned to run D-Gas. All cars are in the top half of their classes and running good, we are ready to go.  Our #1 fan Zack and his Dad/Mark come by to show us the event T-shirts they purchased and what did they have on them but none other than the 2010 B-Gas winner, Lowded 67.  Can we say Bad AZZZZZZ!!!!  MBA Racing goes thru first rounds of eliminations with all cars proceeding to the next round, what a rush.  You should have seen us orchestrating the cars/drivers/crew to time for this success.  Round two finds our cars all paired with close race buddies, pre-stage, stage, amber bulbs, we are off, win lights for some and not for some.  Round three for double break out for the FireChicken.  Points accumulated and overall a successful day. Time to fire up the ole BBQ and feed the Team.  

The awesome event T-shirts at Sacramento Raceway.  If you want one you can get them at the track at their souvenir booth.  I didn't buy them all (honest)

Loved this license plate and frame on one of our crew's ride

Turismo wearing her MBA Racing T-shirt from Jan and Margaret, Thank You ladies!

Folsom, CA  - 08/28/11 – Making our yearly wines at Vintners Cellar in Folsom. 

This year we are making a special batch as a tribute to our Goldie Girl along with our MBA Racing wines.  Definitely a fun experience and you end up with custom wine to take home in about eight weeks.

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston make some of our MBA Racing wine

Cupcake and Mike C making wine

Diane/Mom/Gramma and Andi from Vintners Cellar's making wine

Infineon Raceway, CA  - 08/13/11 – West Coast Pro Gas Race #11

Off to gorgeous Infineon, a slice of heaven.  Georgia and her Team welcomed in a variety of racers for a weekend of competition.  We look forward to events at this track as not only are the racers here friendly, the track is one of the best, the staff is fabulous, and there are goats roaming the hills, what more can you ask for but wildlife right next to you?  This weekend there were drifters having an event on the other side of the track. We got to watch and it was quite entertaining to see them wipe out, different strokes for different folks.  Two qualify hits for Pro Gas at this event as it is a one day do everything, this did work out ok for the FireChicken as first run down the track she lays down a……. 10.601…. #1 qualifier again, big smiles on the MBA Racing Team.  Sugar-Rush qualified in the top half and Lowded 67 was blowing the doors off just what we wanted her to do, everyone in line.  Lowded 67 had a productive day to the semi-finals as well as the FireChicken.  Having two cars to the semi-finals was a very good day for the Team.  Load em up and head home.  Thank you Team for all you do, you ROCK!!!

Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston and his assistant Turismo doing last minute changes to Lowded 67.  The other assistant is Mean Barbara Jean, they got this change right.

Fox Hunt Sacramento Raceway, CA  - 08/05/11 – 08/06/11 West Coast Pro Gas Race #10

All three MBA Racing cars packed in the stacker and ready to go.  Should be fun to re-tune Lowded67 and the FireChicken from 8.90 and 10.90 back to 8.60 and 10.60 during qualifying.  Our Crew Chiefs can do it as they ROCK!!!  We have all barely had time to breathe since the last two weeks of racing, running back to work in an attempt to keep that current and back to the track, can we say a bit busy, cars did not even get a bath.  Maybe they will race even better a bit dirty?  Friday evening qualify comes up, D-Gas called, Mean Barbara Jean and the FireChicken are the first pair in the lanes, argh HA HA, fine we will go first.  Apparently we laid down a good number from our awesome Crew Chief Brian’s tuning abilities as the announcer stated that everyone else is going after #2 from here as we are #1 with a 10.600, wahoo, not bad.  Win lights on Saturday for Lowded67 and the FireChicken made for a happy MBA Racing Team.  Sugar-Rush is playing bashful right now but you just wait, it is coming.

Fun in the MBA Pits

Two tired puppies after a day of racing and social butterflies

Crew Chief Brian's cup after his car got #1 qualifer with a 10.600, he was a lil happy

Infineon Raceway, CA  - 07/28/11 – 07/30/11 NHRA National  Race #9

Back at beautiful Infineon.  This event will be just for Lowded 67.  Looking forward to seeing some of our friends who run in the Pro Classes on Friday.    Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston received a compliment from one of the dragster folk saying he had the “beautifulest car at the track”.  That even made Lowded67 smile.  79 entries for Super Comp, five door cars and 74 dragsters, pretty easy to spot the ones with doors in that crowd.  Went and visited our buds on Friday, saw Mike Strasburg’s Team, they run Top Fuel Dragster/fun bunch of guys, Clay Millican, he runs Top Fuel Dragster and such a nice genuine guy and the super duper #1 none other than Ron Capps, Funny Car and winner of the event/second year in a row, GO RON!  Ok back to us now…..NHRA was using the “new tree” for all classes at this event.  That is where the pre stage and staging are the two blue half circles opposed to our normal yellow bulbs.  Can I say, don’t like them from just standing in the lanes.  They will take some getting used to, not something that one event you can master.  Well we didn’t win, that I will say but, we did have a great time.  Most of the MBA Racing Team joined us at the Pits and camped for the entire event.  Lots of laughs.

Cupcake with a surprise Ron Capps gave to MBA Racing.  Very cool of him and what  a neat thing to do!  Proudly displayed on Cupcake in the picture it is now proudly on her wall.  Ron is one special person, his Mom raised a very nice man!

Two great pics from track photographer Jeff Kindt, he has a great eye.  Thanks Jeff.   Lowded 67 is doing her thing and laying out the burnouts.  To think that Mike "Hot Wheels" Winston actually comments on the MBA girls burnsouts being smokey.  Well we now have pics to put out next time he starts to say something.


Infineon Raceway, CA  - 07/22/11 – 07/24/11 NHRA Divisional Race #8

Time for the first of two weeks of racing.  We look forward to these two events.  Divisional Race, time to put contingency stickers on the cars, you can see the cars cringe as each sticker goes on HA HA.  Barbara was giving Crew Chief Brian grief as he was placing them, teasing that she was going to take the leveler to them.  Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston was one of just four door cars with 84 dragsters running Super Comp.  He won first round and the Team was on a major high Saturday night going into Sunday.  Nothing like winning rounds, especially when you are not running electronics and your competitors are, you really earned your win!  Mean Barbara Jean was first off the tree in Super Street but broke out….. the FireChicken decided to say, what stop on the throttle HA HA when she got all that great air down her carb.  Another class where we ran the competitors where they are using electronics and we are not.  We had a great weekend.  Back home for a day or two of work and back to the track.

Parking spot for the Divisional, it will work

Turismo taking a well deserved rest after a long day of socializing and qualifying, where is that BBQ turkey at Mom?

Another awesome picture from one of track photographer Jeff Kindt of Lowded 67, it rocks

Fire Chicken with her stickers