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Crew:   Goldie Winston, Team Guardian Angel as of March 2011.  We love you sweet girl, thank you for sharing your life with us.

Crew:   Kimber Winston, Team Cheerleader and toy destroyer.

Crew:   Turismo Winston, Assistant Team Cheerleader in training.  New to our family June 2011

Crew:   Keith Bordenkircher, in-house fabrication.  

Crew:   Kat Brown-Bordenkircher, Pit Crew.

Crew:   Mike Crawford, Pit Crew for Sugar-Rush.

Crew:   Alden Conway, Driver of his Nova in D-Gas and part of MBA Racing Team.

Crew:   Will Conway, Pit Crew for Alden Conway and assist with MBA Racing.

Crew:   Brian O'Connor, Crew Chief for FireChicken and My Valentine.

Crew:   Pres Smith, Pit Crew, camera and video.

Crew:   Jerrod Trotter, Pit Crew.

Crew:   Lyn Stewart, Pit Crew.

Goldie watching our buddy Mike Blackstone racing at Infineon Raceway

Goldie and Cupcake hanging out

Kimber doing her thing at the track. 

Turismo and Kimber tired from all the Public Relations work at the track.

Keith Bordenkircher and Mike “Hot Wheels” Winston waiting in the staging lanes

Kat Brown-Bordenkircher away from the computer work YEAH

Mike Crawford with his sweetie Apryl at PINKS All Out. 

Alden Conway and Will Conway, watch out Will he is going to get you..... and yes it is hot out here......


Brian O'Connor getting ready to do one of his favorite things.

Pres Smith enjoying a day being a fan at the Fram Nationals, Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA.  

Jerrod Trotter is now in his new roll on Tony Pedregon's Team playing with a bit more horsepower on a Funny Car.  Congrats to you Jerrod, living his dream!!!   Thank you for your help with MBA Racing in the 2009 and 2010 Seasons. 

Lyn Stewart with his favorite of the MBA Racing Team.... the Fire Chicken :)    Lyn takes on a dual role as Lead on our Team for the new WyoTech students that join our Team for a race to experience working with a Drag Racing Team.